Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chocolate Orange Crema

Confession time...I did not create the pudding like base for this dessert. If truth be told, I didn't even make it. So find yourself a nice Creme Brulee recipe and use it for the custard/creme portion of this recipe. There must be a thousand and one recipes for it on the Internet. My originality came in the form of the topping.

everything needed for Creme Brulee except sugar for topping
6 oz Guittard vanilla flavored dark chocolate
Seville orange marmalade


After making the creme brulee and refrigeration to cool it down to a cold temperature, cut the chocolate into small pieces. Place the chocolate in a microwaveable bowl and place it on medium heat. In 25 second bursts, melt the chocolate, stirring in between each burst. When the chocolate is melted to a smooth consistency, place a tablespoon of melted chocolate in each ramekin of the custard. Spread the chocolate evenly with a spoon to cover the surface of the custard. You may leave it out on the kitchen counter, or to get the chocolate to harden faster, place the ramekins back into the refrigerator.

After the chocolate has hardened, place a tablespoon of marmalade on the chocolate in each ramekin and spread it out a bit. You are now ready to serve at room temperature. It may be cool to the touch, but do not serve it cold or you may have some trouble cracking the chocolate part of this dessert. It could be good using white chocolate in place of the dark chocolate, but semi sweet chocolate will be too bitter in itself to work well with the bitterness of the Seville orange marmalade. If you cannot find anything but semi sweet or milk chocolate, combine the two to approximate the dark chocolate.

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