Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blackberry Apricot Napoleon

Yes, you caught me. I've done this recipe before, but in fairness it was made with a commercial red currant jam and this is made with homemade apricot preserves. Besides, how many original recipes can a girl come up with on short notice?

frozen puff pastry
apricot preserves
extra heavy whipping cream


Many commercially made packages of frozen puff pastry com in 6" X 6" squares, so cut each in half , place on a baking sheet and bake according to package directions. After they are halfway baked, before they turn color but after they have puffed up, lay a 2nd sheet pan on top of them to keep the pastry flattened. Remove the sheet pan after a few minutes and allow the pastry to brown. Cool down the pastry and plate the first layer, then add a layer of preserves.

Add a layer of berries, then whip the cream and use vanilla if you choose, but no sugar. I don't bother with either for this dessert. Top the fresh berries with a generous amount of the whipped cream and add another layer of pastry, preserves and berries.

Finally you need to top the berries with more cream, another layer of pastry and more apricot preserves. But for this final layer, place the cream on the preserves and make the berries your final layer.

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