Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chinese Tacos

Neither Chinese nor tacos, this recipe was inspired by Chinese stir fry and many of the vegetables and condiments common to that style of cooking. Frozen onion pancakes sub for a tortilla, as a vehicle for getting the vegetables into one's mouth sans fork. It's my only vegan recipe and that was quite by accident. Quick to prepare, this makes for a satisfying snack or a small meal.

1 small yellow onion
1/2C bean sprouts
1/2C snow peas
1/2C shitaki mushroom caps
1/2C oyster mushrooms
2T toasted sesame oil
1T olive or canola oil
1T black bean sauce
1 package frozen onion pancakes
3 green onions
hoisin sauce

Slice the onion lengthwise, roughly chop the beansprouts, diagonally cut the snow peas, and thinly slice the mushrooms. In a wok or chef's saute pan heat the sesame oil and stir fry these 3 ingredients adding them one at a time in the order in which they are given (onions take longer to cook). If there is not enough oil, add the canola or olive oil at this time. As they start to soften, add the black bean sauce and stir to incorporate.

Thinly slice the green onion and rough chop the cilantro, then set them aside. Place an onion pancake into a frying pan on medium high heat and cook on both sides, flipping it over, until both sides are crispy and brown. When done either set aside in the oven on a very low temperature to accumulate a few, or start making the tacos by spreading a small amount of hoisin sauce on one half of a pancake, then layering in the sauteed filling and topping with a garnish of green onions and cilantro. Fold in half and eat with your hands.

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