Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fried Seafood Appetizers

This is perhaps the only time I’ll talk about recipes without offering step by step photos, or exact proportions of ingredients. I was so rushed to get these made and onto the table that I completely forgot to take the necessary photographs. It is more of a record for future use than anything else; a basis for future recipes.
The Dore Style Fried Oyster (lower left) has already been listed here and I’ve done variations of the Asian Style Fried Mussel (upper left), but will discuss more ideas that were put together for this meal. That leaves the small Octopus, the Oyster Stuffing Fried Won Ton, and the Smoked Salmon Won Ton Cup which is exactly like my Smoked Salmon/Salmon Butter Phyllo Cups except for the cup.
Sesame marinated mini octopi
flour for dredging
extra virgin olive oil for frying
sea salt or flakes salt
This was a no brainer. I saw these precooked and sesame sprinkled octopi at 99 Ranch Market where I went to purchase the pre shelled and pre cooked green lipped mussels. I couldn’t resist putting one on each plate that I was serving to guests, because they were so darned cute. Being willing to try one myself was an essential part of the decision making process. All I did was dredge in flour and quickly fry in hot olive oil. They were delicious and even the non squid eaters were willing to give them a try. I hope to find them again.
round won ton skins
2 oysters (buy in a jar and reserve liquid)
1/2  celery stalk
1 whole green onion 
6 finely diced water chestnuts
1/2C Pepperidge Farm herb stuffing
olive oil for frying
Microwave the oysters to cook them (1 minute on medium high should do it) and then chop. Finely dice the celery, water chestnuts and green onion, then saute with a bit of the olive oil. Add the finely chopped oysters, stir and add the stuffing mix. After stirring, add enough of the reserved oyster juice to moisten. Place a small spoonful in the center of the won ton, spread some water along the edges of the won ton and fold in half, forcefully pressing the edges together. Deep fry until golden brown, then drain on a paper towel. These are good served with a Thai sweet chili sauce.
If you look back in the Hors D’oeuvres file you will see both a recipe for the won ton cups under “Fig’s Wonton Cup” and the salmon butter under “Smoked Salmon/Salmon Butter Phyllo Cups”. Replace the phyllo cup with the won ton cup and you have the means to make this appetizer.
The Asian Style Fried Mussels can be versatile with a variety of toppings. Since I happen to have photos of the process and several of the finished variations, I’m writing a separate recipe for them.

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