Monday, May 5, 2014

Pesto Cream of Vegetable Soup


After making the Vegetable Pesto Lasagne, I was left with a lot of cooked zucchini and broccoli, so I decided to make a creamy vegetable soup. The result may have been one of the best plated soups I have ever served.



minced broccoli

shredded zucchini

1 medium yellow onion


chicken broth

half & half


dried thyme

extra virgin olive oil

salt & Pepper to taste

fresh thyme

nasturtium petals



After dicing the onion, it was sauteed in the olive oil with about a teaspoon of dried thyme leaves. The leftover broccoli and zucchini were added and stirred into the onion. if I made this without leftover vegetables that were already laced with pesto, I would have to add about 2 tablespoons of pesto into the soup at this point.


Chicken broth was then added to the sauteed vegetables before they were stirred together. Since the vegetables were already partially cooked, the pot was left on a low flame to simmer.


When making “creamed” soups, I often mix two tablespoons of flour with enough milk or cream to make a light batter, in order to enrich the taste and thicken the soup.


After the flour mixture is stirred into the soup and has simmered long enough to keep the flour from tasting raw, the emersion blender does the rest of the work and the soup is ready to plate.


Instead of using a commercial basil oil to finish the soup, I thawed a pesto that I had made earlier and froze, then added it to extra virgin olive oil, mixed it together and drizzled it over the plated soup.


Nasturtium petals that I had picked for a salad were the perfect way to brighten the color on this dish. I also added fresh thyme leaves for an extra layer of flavor.

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