Saturday, January 31, 2015

Monkey Shine


I’m now getting curious as to whether or not I can come up with a good cocktail recipe. The answer would have to be no because everything I like to drink is sweet, so a serous mixologist would have a good laugh at my expense. However a drink to be served with dessert is right up my alley.


It amazes me that we have accumulated so much alcohol, since I barely drink, but manage to do the lion’s share of the purchasing in our household. Anyway, I had many wonderful items to select from to create my first dessert drink. Naming it was fun and definitely based on the fact that I mixed a coconut syrup and banana flavored vodka into the concoction.


Wanting to use up some dark colored Creme de Cacao that my husband bought, I started with a jigger of that, then went on to add a jigger of the banana flavored vodka. This drink was loosely based on a Black Russian


To continue with the tropical elements of the drink, I decided to use 1 tablespoon of a coconut flavored simple syrup and closed with a tablespoon of Half & Half. It was really good! If you like a White Russian you should have no trouble drinking this.

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