Sunday, July 15, 2007

Goat Cheese Walnut Salad

The first time I ate a salad like this was in the hilltop hamlet of Domme in Southern France. I tried duplicating it as soon as I came home. The tang of the goat cheese is a perfect foyle for the sweetness of the honey.

1 large or two small heads of butter lettuce
1 log of goat cheese
1/4C walnut oil
3T red wine vinegar
2t dijon walnut mustard or dijon mustard
salt & pepper to taste


-Cut medallions of goat cheese into 1" widths, then press into chopped, toasted walnuts to cover completely. Set aside.
-Mix the walnut oil, vinegar, and mustard to make the dressing, adjust to the acidity level of your choice, and add salt & pepper to taste. Lightly dress your washed and dried butter lettuce in a medium sized bowl.
-Plate the salad greens. top with the walnut covered goat cheese, and drizzle honey on top of the entire salad.

You can also leave the goat cheese plain and sprinkle walnut halves on top of the plated salad, before drizzling the honey. I would also encourage the use of a vanilla flavored honey in this dish.

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